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Garrett Gourlay, RA

Working in the New York City architecture community since 1994, Garrett Gourlay has worked on several high profile projects. His architectural career began prior to formal training in 1988 at Bates Smart & McCutcheon - an Australian architectural/engineering/interior design firm based in Melbourne, the city of Garrett's birth. He started as an administrative assistant gaining insight into the operations of a design firm and became a draftsman/model maker continuing to work at Bates Smart & McCutcheon up until his departure for Los Angeles to study architecture at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc).

Garrett was raised in Australia up to the age of 11 when his father's job relocated the family to the Philippines. The following year his father's job once again relocated the family to Japan. Garrett spent six years in Japan attending an international school in Tokyo and relates much of his urban sensibilities to these early urban experiences.

After graduating from SCI-Arc with a B.Arch in 1994 he moved to New York City to begin his professional career. Garrett started working for Costas Kondylis and later for H. Thomas O'Hara, at both offices he was involved in many projects, some were produced in collaboration with such renowned architects as: Philip Johnson, Michael Graves, and Robert Stern.

In 2002 he established Garrett Gourlay Architect PLLC with the aim of meeting and exceeding his client's expectations throughout the architectural process - from analyzing potential sites and establishing their zoning envelope to final project sign-off. By focusing on a client's requirements and spending time to listen to their needs he strives to produce quality work that maximizes the fullest potential of a project - functionally, formally, and economically.

In 2010 Garrett came to join Morris Adjmi Architects after working on a project representing the client. While at Morris Adjmi Architects Garrett utilized his business experience gained from running his own firm and his technical knowledge gain from his years in the industry.

In 2011 opportunity was presented to join Goldstein, Hill and West Architects where Garrett currently is employed. He had previously worked with the three partners while at CK Architect as well as several senior members of the firm.

Garrett Gourlay is a registered architect in the State of New York and holds a certificate from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB).


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